Cuban Salsa Combinations and La Rueda

at Washington and Fencehouses.



Saturdays at Washington 

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Wednesdays at Fencehouses click here



As the popularity of Cuban style salsa continues to grow then so does La Rueda – Cuban style salsa in a group (see below for a full description).


I have been running Rueda classes in the area continuously since 2005 and have had up to four separate groups running each week, ranging from beginners to intermediate-plus.  As more people come into salsa and their abilities and confidence grows so they may  become interested in La Rueda.


The classes are structured and progressive; we do both couple combinations (which can all be used in free-dance) as well as group patterns.  It’s a system that has proved very successful over several years. 


Please note that rueda is NOT for salsa beginners, it is not about learning salsa but applying and developing the salsa that you already know in a Cuban style and having a lot of fun in a group activity. 





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Salsa on Monday Nights

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