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Established in 2005, the Salsa Simplemente sessions are the longest running classes in the Tyne and Wear area with the same instructor.  Always great, informal, relaxed, friendly and fun classes.

In classes I teach common salsa basics so that people gain a broad background in salsa without specialising in any particular style. I teach slowly and methodically with particular emphasis on:


  • establishing the basics.
  • learning to lead and follow, giving and interpreting the signals.
  • building up the confidence of leaders to actually lead.
  • having fun.
  • teaching short combinations and repeating moves so that they become automatic.
  • having more fun.


Salsa is not a strict dance; it is fluid, stylised and open to musical and personal interpretation. I want people, especially non-dancers, to try salsa and find out just how easy it is to learn.  Just as importantly, I want people to have fun while they are learning.


My thoughts about learning salsa can be summed up in three lines:

  1. If I can learn to dance salsa, almost anyone can.
  2. "Strictly Come Dancing" it isn’t! But Strictly Fun? Absolutely!
  3. The hardest step is the first one onto the dance floor.



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Prompted by enquiries about classes for beginners I have started classes on Saturday afternoons,

2 - 4 pm, in Washington.




Bede Lodge Social club 

Finchale Rd, Framwellgate Moor,
Durham, DH1 5HL.


Salsa Classes and social dancing.






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Days and times vary.


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Salsa on Monday Nights

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 Winter Salsa Ball

27 December 2021


 A great night.

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 Salsa Ball



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