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Monday 19 July 2021.



COVID restrictions were lifted on 19 July. There is no restriction on the number of people that can meet indoors, the 1m-plus rule for social distancing has been removed, and wearing masks indoors is no longer compulsory. So, can we return to couple dancing? Technically the answer is Yes.


But the real question is: as all the restrictions have been removed, will people immediately return to couple dancing and changing partners? 


I recently sought the opinion of regular dancers via my email newsletter and there was a common thread from those who responded - they wanted to get back to dancing as soon as possible but were unhappy about swapping partners in classes or social dancing.


An option would be to start couples-only sessions (co-habiting couples or dance-couples). But as most of my regulars are independents then such sessions would exclude too many people. The bottom line is that I will not be restarting the salsa classes and social dancing at Bede Lodge in Durham, or any of the rueda sessions, until September at the earliest.


HOWEVER ......


In order to get people back into the salsa mood (and improve their fitness), I will be running sessions I've called "MUEVETE!" at the Arts Centre Washington from Saturday 24 July. Individual socially distanced dancing, mostly salsa plus a little bachata and some fun stuff. These sessions will provide the opportunity to get back into the salsa zone - the music, the movement .............. and meeting people.


For full details of the sessions and the Arts Centre CLICK HERE.


In the meantime I hope that you, and all around you, are well and remain so.







Salsa in the Tyne and Wear area.


Hello and welcome to Salsa Simplemente - simply salsa, and thank you for visiting my site.


I'm Peter, and I teach salsa in the Tyne and Wear area.  I run weekly salsa classes, rueda classes, a couple of simple but glamorous social salsa events each year, and maintain an email newsletter of local salsa events.




If you are reading this because you are interested in salsa, either dying to do it or tempted to try it, just come along to one of the sessions and have fun while you learn in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. 


As a beginner you will not be alone - walk in and dance out.


Remember ......


The hardest step is the first one onto the dancefloor.




Salsa Simplemente - What's in a Name?

SALSA Simplemente - It can mean both “simply salsa" (as in “only salsa”) or “salsa simply”, both of which I think are appropriate.  Apart from a little merengue here and there, a cha-cha now and then, plus a bachata or two, I simply dance salsa.  And in my classes too, that's the way I teach - slowly and simply.



 And finally .......


If you have picked up one of my flyers somewhere, or you have arrived here via a link from another website, then please note that some changes have taken place. 


Monday night salsa in Durham is no longer at the Gala Theatre - after 11 years the theatre wanted to use the Studio room for their own activities.  So we started at a new venue at the end of August 2016.


Please explore the website further which is currently being updated (some of the old stuff remains to give you a flavour), and I hope to see you at one of the sessions soon.


Thank you for visiting my website.  Peter, August 2018.




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