FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking of trying salsa for the first time you may have many questions in mind. This page aims to provide answers to the most common questions. If your question is not answered here then please just contact me.


Is there a beginners’ class?

Yes. The beginners' class is very similar each time; it's the a-b-c of salsa, concentrating on basic steps and rhythm, a simple salsa pattern plus one basic turn at the end of each session.  There are always some complete beginners and recent starters every week so you won't feel out of place - just turn up in time for the beginners' class.


Do I need to be able to dance?

No.  Beginners go right from Step-1.  Classes are taught slowly and methodically - it's how most people need to learn.  I don't want you to go away feeling frustrated and confused, I want you to learn a little, have fun and come back for more.


Do I need to book?

No. Even if you are a complete beginner there is no need to book, just turn up in time for the beginners’ class.  


Is there a course for beginners? When does it start?

No. There is no course as such and therefore no start date.  The reason there are no courses is very simple - not everyone can get along to the sessions every week.   


If I do the beginners’ class, can I do the second class too?

Yes, but …..  you should only join in the second class if you are really comfortable with the basic steps, the rhythm and the simple turns. 


The second class accommodates a range of abilities from recent beginners to regular dancers.  A combination in the second class may involve two or three different turns.  I urge beginners to get comfortable with the basics so that basic steps, rhythm and balance are natural before they venture to do more.  If people try to do too much too quickly that can lead to failure and frustration, a feeling of “it is too difficult”.  It isn’t, it just takes a little time.


The second class includes simple moves and combinations for novices so you will steadily build up a repertoire of simple combinations.


Is it friendly?

Absolutely! It’s very relaxed and friendly.  It's not strictly ballroom, just strictly fun dancing.


What should I wear?

Casual is the norm, there's no need to dress up. 


What shoes should I wear?

An ordinary day shoe is fine.  If possible wear leather or hard-rubber soled shoes.  Trainers are not recommended for beginners - it's not a work-out session; they will prevent you turning easily and may put strain on your ankles and knees.

Ladies: avoid mules and flip-flops.


Do I need a partner?

No.  Just come along. Typically people come along in pairs or small groups for the first few times but once they realise how relaxed and friendly it is then many come alone. Some also come alone for their first class but if you are concerned about that for the first time just have a word and we will look after you.


How old do I have to be?

Classes are for adults.



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